Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Great Yarmouth Charter Academy

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At Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, our pupils receive the highest quality of education from truly dedicated staff. We guarantee our students will learn how to succeed in their studies and excel in their interests. After all, we know that it is outstanding grades that open doors and a lifetime of opportunity.

As an Inspiration Trust school, we are proud to be able to offer excellent sporting and cultural opportunities for our young people, expanding their experiences and opportunities beyond the classroom. 

We demand respect from our pupils for their teachers, their classmates, and their community. In return, we respect them and encourage them. We feel it’s important for pupils to receive the recognition they deserve through our amazing rewards system, including our famous “golden ticket”.  

Being an Inspiration Trust academy, we have access to an incredible family of leading experts and are part of a group of schools that have demonstrated repeatedly that our children achieve excellent outcomes through seizing opportunities and working hard.

We can all achieve, and we can all do better. We want our students to be able to contribute to their own community, the county and further afield both academically and socially.

Dean Rosembert