Our Secondary Reading Strategy

At Charter, reading is central to everything we do. We believe that being a competent reader unlocks doors for students and broadens their horizons both academically and personally.  

Through both our library and form time reading programme, we give students the opportunity to engage with a wide range of texts and genres, so they can experience the joy of reading in a safe and nurturing environment. For those students who join us with a reading age below that of their chronological age, we utilise a series of targeted reading interventions and whole-school practices to enable them to grow into competent readers who, we hope, will choose to read for pleasure outside of the school environment.

Alongside this, we work in line with the Inspiration Trust to give students opportunities to engage with the written word in wide and varied ways. We offer students the opportunity to engage with the professional writing community and, in turn, express themselves through opportunities like the Inspiration Trust Reading Olympiad. Importantly, we have a committed librarian and reading team who support our students to read to the best of their ability.  


Secondary Reading Strategy