In-Year Admissions

In Year Admissions

The following guidance is for families who want to move a child to a different school, at any time other than the usual transfer to secondary school. This is known as an ‘in-year transfer’.

All applications will be dealt with as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 15 school days for a reply.

If you are moving house 

If you are moving to Norfolk, or moving a significant distance in Norfolk where travel to your child’s/children’s current school is unreasonable, you can apply for a change of schools.

You are advised to make an application before you move house, but only when you have confirmation of a move date. You must provide evidence to confirm this.  

Please complete one application per child.

Apply online or complete and return a paper application form. 

In-Year Application Form

If you are not moving house 

If you are not moving house but want to change your child’s school, please refer to the preferred school’s admission policy and complete one application form per child. 

Apply online or complete and return a paper application form. 

In-Year Application Form

You should not withdraw your child from their current school before an alternative school place has been offered.

How soon could a transfer happen 

We expect children to start at a new school at the start of a new term. Applications are processed to the following timetable:

  • Applications received between 5th July - 31st October, the new school start date is Spring term in January (after Christmas)
  • Applications received between 1st November - 28th/29th February, the new school start date is Summer term (after Easter)
  • Applications received between 1st March - 31st May, the new school start date is Autumn term in September (after the summer holidays). Decisions will be made before the end of the Summer term.


Any applications received between the 1st June - 4th July, will be treated as a late application. It will only be considered after all applications received before the 31st May

If your child has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan

You should not complete an 'in-year transfer' application. You should discuss a change of schools with your EHCP coordinator.

If your child is on the SEN register at their current school

If your child is on the SEN register at their current school but does not have an EHC plan, you should apply online or complete a paper application form.

If you have concerns about your child’s current schooling 

If you want to move your child because you are concerned about their current schooling, you should raise the issue with the Head of Year or member of the pastoral care team.

If the matter remains unresolved, you should approach the Principal (Headteacher). They may wish to discuss your reasons for requesting a school transfer and be given the opportunity to put matters right.