Kicking it with Keira

November 26th 2019

Keira qualifies for World Championship in Italy

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy pupil Keira Sayer has been showing them how it’s done in kickboxing when she qualified for the World Championships in Italy, winning both the British and English Championships in June and July this year. 

Keira beat competitors from Italy, France, Ukraine, Poland and Ireland and went away with 4 gold medals in the following categories; Full contact kickboxing, light contact K1, full 
contact kickboxing with low kicks and UFR full contact.

Not only did she take away 4 gold medals but she also won 2 silver medals in both light contact
kickboxing and full contact K1.

This was Keira’s 3rd World Championships in her 8 years of fighting, making her a 7 time world champion!

Keira hopes to qualify again and return for next year’s World Championships in Italy.