The importance of STEM

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths has long been an important area of development for national and local industry.

The combination of these subjects with other non-STEM subjects provide the best opportunities for pupils in our economy.

STEM subjects are seen as critically important to the United Kingdom's economic success. Engineering alone accounts for 25% of gross value added to the UK economy. Science, engineering and technology underpin the whole economy from medicine to the entertainment industry.

Nearly all innovation organisations rely on the regular intake of good quality STEM graduates post A level or degree to refresh their innovation capabilities.

Documentation from the Royal Academy of Engineering states the following:

  • The UK Commission for Employment and Skills consistently reports on shortages in STEM skills.

  • That the replacement of present STEM employees is key for the economy.

  • The CBI reports that around 40% of employers already found it difficult to recruit for vacancies.